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Terry Swejkoski is the Founder, President, and CEO of the nonprofit Conscious Clarity Center, Inc., which teaches Spiritual Transformative Education in the high energy community of Traverse City, Michigan. The philosophy/foundation for the center is based upon the teachings of the Conscious Clarity Energy Process™ and Life's Little Secrets book series, of which Terry Swejkoski is the author.

Terry provides spiritual insight to everyone that has said, "There must be something greater to this life than what is seen on the surface." He states the purpose of the Conscious Clarity Energy Process™ is to begin the journey of Spiritual Transformative Education, to awaken the truth about your limitless possibilities in life and live based upon cooperation and abundance rather than competition and scarcity.

In truth, you are the innocence or essence of the Love you bring to the world, and you have the divine spark within you to fully develop your visions into reality. Terry is a Master Coach, gifted with the spiritual ability to assist you in reaching your true Highest Self potential in life.

I know it's hard to believe from the ego's point of view that all is well, no matter what the life situation. When we are going through a time of pain, may it be physical or emotional, it's difficult for the mind to accept that this is the way it was planned out. Your belief is why it's essential to embrace the knowledge laying dormant in your Highest Self daily to understand this acceptance and surrendering process. Through the power of meditative silence, you will become in touch with all the solutions to all your questions.

"When we 'recruit the mind to serve the Soul,' life becomes a unified dance of pure Love, Peace, and Light." – Terry Swejkoski